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Dilantin is used to control seizures.

Phenytoin zero order first combination, which is a strong analgesic drug, it's also associated with death. They're the same type of brain lesions as the one at University of Michigan. And I think that's just an interesting example of how you can be exposed to a neurobehavioural disorder at time when you have an underlying disease or vulnerability that can result in serious consequences. TONY JONES: Let's go to our next question. It's from Adam. ANTHONY COUSE Q. Hi Tony, thanks very much for being on the program. You were talking early on about how much of the population are going to suffer from depression but how serious is that? And does depression impact on health? As in, does it have any affect on the likelihood of having stroke or heart attack? TONY JONES: We're still in our early morning, so I'll give you the next one now. Go ahead. ANTHONY COUSE: So one of the things I think is important to realise that the people with depression are actually quite similar to the general population. So I wouldn't say that the differences are dramatic. But we know from research in the USA and Australia that people with depression have a much higher risk of having stroke or a heart attack than the general population. So we know from epidemiology and clinical trials that having depression is associated with a very, very high risk of stroke and heart attack. as I said earlier, there are two reasons for that, one is that depression a disorder of the brain that causes a lot of dysfunction because the way brain is wired and the way brain's functioning. people with depression are prone to anxiety; they're other kinds of negative mental states; they're prone to irritability; being impulsive and they're prone to emotional lapses. So one of the consequences that is their brains may be less efficient in